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Our Services

In early 2014, the Company started to seek ways to use environmentally safe products to protect human being and to protect environment, and during the process, discovered the all natural environmentally safe Gel (the “Gel”).  The product utilized a patented technology, using all natural plant-based material, to conduct environmentally safe cleaning and pest eliminating services.  

The Company has broad experience, background and network in pest control and fumigation industry, has conducted long term experiments together with partners in the field in the development of environmentally safe methods for pest repellent and control.  The company is aiming to provide environmentally safe pest control products and methods for indoors and outdoors usages, to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects that are harmful to human beings.  In addition, the company also provide supporting services for the pest control and fumigation industry.  Providing environmentally safe pest control/repelling services with various natural products, that contains all natural material to repel birds, rodents, roaches and ants while the products are safe even for human’s accidental consumptions, also domestically and internationally, promoting environmentally safe products including solar, electrical and mechanical pest repellent and control devices.